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I'll never recommend anything I don't LOVE and doesn't work for me. Promise.


The most versatile, yet simple, piece of exercise equipment I've ever owned (and I've had a lot!). I bought one of these after seeing it on Instagram (& only 50% confident I would even like it... and then immediately bought 3 more after testing it out). I use it as a bench (for bench pressing & other chest work), as a step for leg work, for ab work & so much more. Basically ANY exercise can be done on it or with it to increase core engagement & shake up your usual routine. Best of all - it's FUN to use & ships almost immediately. Win-Win!

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Terra-Core Website

Prestige Labs Supplements

These are the supplements I take myself. I've taken a lot of different supplements over the years and have settled on this brand for a few simple reasons. 1) They were developed by a biochemist who is an athlete and has trained other athletes so I trust the quality and science behind them, and  2) They perform as promised. 


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Presitge Labs Website

Grrrl Clothing

Way before I tried their clothing, I was aligned with and in LOVE with their mission. In a world filled with fake, photoshopped images that (intentionally or unintentionally) make women feel bad about their bodies, this company is actively fighting against that. They are about equality, non-judgement, women supporting women & generally finding your inner bad ass. Read more about what makes Grrrl Clothing a stand up company HERE

Plus the clothes are awesome! I *may* have developed a bit of a shopping problem ;)

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